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RGB Star Purchase

NEW for 2016, RGB Star for the top of your SuperStar:

The front of the RGB star is made from 3/16" HDPE plastic. HDPE plastic is naturally UV resistant and will last at least 10 years in the sun.
The stars are cut using a CNC machine and the holes are cut by the CNC machine as well. Measuring from tip to tip the RGB stars are 30 3/16" which is the same size as the LED stars.
The RGB star has holes for 5 concentric stars and are designed for use with two sets of Cosmic Color Pixels for a total of 200 pixels.
The 5 concentric stars are made up of 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60 pixels.
The side pieces are 2" wide which is gives enough room in the interior of the star to accomodate the extra wiring resulting from the 200 pixels.

The kit includes:

  1. Star Front with 200 holes for 5 concentric stars (3/16" HDPE)
  2. Star Back (1/4" HDPE)
  3. 10 side pieces (2" wide 1/4" thick HDPE)
  4. Box of #6 1/2" Pan Head screws
Note that the kit does NOT include the pixels

RGB Star Diagram
RGB Star Diagram (click picture to enlarge)

Assembled Star
Assembled Star - Note that the kit does NOT include the pixels (click picture to enlarge)

within USA
RGB Star (Does not include the RGB Pixels) $30.00 $129.95
Add-on options:

Drop Down Piece $15.00 $24.95
Star Mounting Bracket $15.00 $39.95