Super Star Lights

14 inch Globe with 200 Pixels Construction

The sphere is made from 2 hemispheres purchased from: Edith Aiken Company
Go to and click on the hemispheres link in the Globe group. Part nbr is 60114-WH
Call Fred at 610-888-0206 and ask for 2 white 14 inch acrylic hemispheres with 1/2 inch flange.

Drill 1/2" diameter holes for the pixels with a 1/2" drill bit from ePlastics:
Note: Tap Plastics sells a drill bit for less, but it chips easier. The one from ePlastics is worth the extra cost.

The center disk is cut from a .20" thick sheet of acrylic or polycarbonate plastic which you can buy at Home Depot or Lowes. Acrylic is about $20.00. Polycarbonate is stronger but will cost more.

You can download the PDF of this page here: 14_inch_sphere.pdf