Super Star Lights

16 CCR Tree on a Mast


For the tree you can use the Pixie 16 controller or the Pixcon 16 controller. The Pixie 16 is much easier to configure and is recommended if this is your first tree or if you have a total number of 1600 pixels or less in your display.

The Pixcon 16 is much more difficult to configure and is like setting up a local are network. But if you are going to have more than 1600 pixels in your display then using Pixcon 16 controllers will handle the large number of pixels better without lag.

Light-O-Rama sells 12 CCR tree packages but I highly recommend you get a 16 CCR tree package, the cost is just a little more and you will be happier with the look of 16 CCRs.

Click here for the web page that has the four possible "CCR-II - SuperStar Ribbon Tree Kits."

Mast is made from 1 1/2" Rigid Metal Conduit available at Home Depot in 10 ft lengths. Home Depot will cut and thread the conduit to any length you want.
The CCRs are 16 ft 4 in long. You can have the CCRs be about 12 inches above the ground. In the video the mast is inserted into a 28" sleeve that is in cement. But most people will want to put the mast on top of the ground and support it with three guy-wires.

You need a 1 1/2" to 3/4" adapter at the top of the metal conduit, and then you should have a length of 3/4" pipe that is about 18" long. Using a coupler to screw the mounting bracket onto the 18" length of 3/4" pipe.

The CCRs are zip-tied to 16 lengths of 1/2" PVC pipe (schedule 40). Use a crossbar in the middle and at the bottom as shown in the video. The PVC pipe is sold in 10 ft lengths so you will need a coupler to join a 10 ft length to a 7 ft length to get a total length of about 17 ft.

The PVC pipe is attached to the "drop down piece" as shown in the video. The mounting bracket and "drop down piece" are available on the star purchase page.

You can put a legacy 6 channel star at the top, or an RGB star at the top. The legacy 6 channel star on the star purchase page comes with 6 sets of white LED strings. The RGB star does NOT come with the pixels. It is designed for 200 CCP bullet type pixels. You can purchase them from Light-O-Rama:
You can use two controllers that each have two 50 pixel strings:
Or you can use one controller that has two 100 pixel strings: