Super Star Lights

600 Pixel Cosmic Color Pixel Tree Construction

In the video it says to point all the lights downward. It is better to point them all upward. The pixels are weatherproof, but if water were to get into the lights it would be through the back end so it is better to point them upward.

To make the tree you need 600 Cosmic Color Pixel lights. Cosmic Color Pixels are also known as CCPs. Each CCP string has 50 lights. Each controller controls 2 strings so each controller controls 100 lights. Each strand of the tree uses 25 lights, or 1/2 of a string. There are 24 strands so you need 12 strings and 6 controllers.

The Cosmic Color Pixels box comes with 1 controller and 2 strings. They are available from:
WOW lights: Sub=50
Synchronized Christmas (availability varies):

Mega Tree Hook Head Threaded 24 Peg - available from 3G Lighting Creations:
It will have an option for "Star Mount Bushing" select "None"
It will also have an option for "Pole Bushing" select "None"

The mast is made from 1 1/2" galvanized rigid steel conduit available at Home Depot in 10' lengths for about $32.48. Note that what they call 1 1/2" conduit actually has an inside diameter of 1 5/8" and an outside diameter of almost 1 7/8". You will need one 10' length and one 16" length that you screw together using the coupling that will be included with the 10' length. This will make an 11' 4" mast that will work if your ground is sloped less than 8 inches. The "conduit assembly" that you can purchase on the "Globe Purchase" page comes with a 16" length of conduit. If your ground is sloped more than 8 inches you will need a taller mast and you will need to buy another length of conduit from Home Depot and they will cut whatever length you need at no extra cost.

The base of my tree is 10 ft in diameter. You can make the base whatever diameter you want, it is a matter of personal taste.

You can buy a base plate, guide wires and other accessories for mega trees at 3G Lighting Creations:

You will need 300 ft of clear or white wire loom. If you use clear, the lights will be brighter, if you use white the lights will be less bright but the glow will be more localized. Both look good, it is a matter of personal taste.
I got my wire loom at "Cable Ties and More," the link to the page is: Look for the line that says:
WL905BSP 1" Blue, Red, White, Grey, Translucent Clear, Yellow 300 Feet $127.50
You will need most of the 300 ft to do the 24 strand tree so do not cut the pieces longer than necessary or you will come up short on the last piece.

The cable ties (also known as zip ties) are also available from "Cable Ties and More":
At the time of this writing you can get 1000 of the 4" cable ties for $4.26. Look for part nbr CT202

You can buy 500' of 1/8" nylon rope from Uline: Look for part number: S-12866 price for one is $17.00

You can download the PDF of this page here: 600_pixel_CCP_Tree.pdf

This is a diagram drawn up by Michael Valdez who built a CCP tree using the dimensions on the diagram.
The CCP tree I built had the following dimensions:
Ground to bottom of hook head = 136 inches (Michael's is 132.4 inches)
Diameter of base = 120 inches (Michael's is 103.5 inches)
Distance between stakes = 15.70 inches (Michael's is 13.39 inches)

You can download the PDF of this diagram here: Michael Valdez diagram PDF